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Kvaternik Rok


Ernst Klett Publishers - Region South East, Representative Office: Svetozara Corovica 15, Belgrade

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January 2011-

On 1 January 2011, the founder of Rokus Publishing and its long year director Rok Kvaternik became the CEO within the Ernst Klett Publishers group, and took over the management of the entire region of East Europe and Turkey.

January 2008-

Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director of the South East Region (Ernst Klett Publishers)

April 2004-

Managing Director, Klett Verlag Ltd., Zagreb, Croatia – subsidiary of Rokus Publishing

January 2004-

Managing Director, Klett Publishing House Ltd., Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, subsidiary of Rokus Publishing

October 1991 - August 2003

Managing Director, Rokus Gifts Ltd., Ljubljana, Slovenia
Chairman of the Management, Rokus Klett Publishing House Ltd., Ljubljana, Slovenia



Education and training

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture

Economics and Business

University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business




He has more than 20 years of experience in publishing. In 1991, he founded Rokus Publishing, which had developed from 1991 to 2005 from a small scale publisher into the first largest Slovenian education publishing house – until today, it has received more than 20 prestigious domestic and foreign awards, and contributed significantly to the improvement of the quality of study materials on the Slovenian market. In 2004, German education publishing house Klett Verlag bought a share in Rokus Publishing, thus enabling the latter to expand outside the Slovenian borders. The company founded subsidiaries in Belgrade and Zagreb. At the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Rokus Publishing, the latter renamed itself into Rokus Klett Publishing as a token of successful cooperation and operations within the Klett group. In 2008, Rokus Klett Publishing became the third largest publishing house in Slovenia.


With his innovation and entrepreneurial skills, Rok Kvaternik proves that publishing can keep up with the modern times, and that the use of modern technologies and knowledge as well as by considering local specialties, publishing can be successfully integrated on the market also in the era of the World Wide Web and in a multitude of information that are accessible at the tips of our fingers.


Privately, he is a passionate traveller and admirer of exotic destinations, art lover, blogger, photographer, diver, and soon to be a pilot too. He also indulges himself in gourmet delicacies. He lives between Belgrade, Lufthansa and Ljubljana, where his two sons live.


Slovenian, English, Croatian, Serbian.



Winner of Most Beautiful Slovenian Book Award (8 times since 1995) and various other national and international publishing awards.